Ratios- Coca Cola Has 65g Sugars Total. Equivalent Amount Of Carrots: 1.383 Kg Or Approx 3 Lbs. So Question (2023)

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Answer 1

This question means that Coca-Cola, which has 65 grams of sugar in a can (I assume), has the same sugar content as 1.383 kg of carrots. Coca-Cola is a distractor in this problem. (1.383kg/65g)=(1kg/s) Can you solve from there for s?

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Y=-2x+11 what is the slope and y intercept?


The slope(m) is -2 (y=mx+b) and the y intercept is 11.

The slope is -2 and the y intercept is 11.

A salesman bought 2 dozen television sets at $300 each. He sold two-thirds of them at a 25% profit but was forced to take a 30 % loss on the rest. What was his total profit (or
loss) on the television sets?


Well, the first 16 were about 16*75=$1200 extra. The last 8 were $720 lost. Thus, the total profit is $480. He bought them with $7200, which means the profit is around 6.67%.

Answer: A salesman bought 2 dozen television sets at $300 each. He sold two-thirds of them at a 25% profit but was forced to take a 30% loss on the rest. what was his total profit(or loss) on the television sets?


Original cost 24*300 = 7200


Profit: 0.25*(2/3)24*300 = 1200


Loss: 0.3*(1/3)24*300 = 720


Total profit = 1200-720 = $480

Step-by-step explanation:

When a number is decreased by 10% of itself, the result is 144.What is the number?


100% - 10% = 90%
90% = .9
.9*144 = 129.6

You are running a fuel economy study. One of the cars you find are mmiles on a blue. It can travel 29 1\2 miles on a1 1\4 gallons of gasoline.Another car is red. It can travel 22 2\5 miles on 4\5 gallon of gasoline. What is the unit rate per gallon for each car?what car could travel the greater distance on a 2 gallon of gasoline? Simplify the answer


Blue car get's 23.6mpg while Red car gets 28mpg.
On one gallon of fuel, Red car will travel 4.4 miles further than Blue car.

The quotient of n and 8


6 divided by 3 =2 6 is the dividend, 3 the divisor and the answer '2' is the quotient. Therefor if N is divided by 8, the quotient is N/8. If a value is given for N though, remember to substitute it in.

How do you solve 7x+2y=2, x-2y=14


First you isolate x in the equation x-2y=14 and substitute. So the equation should be x= 2y+14. You plug this equation into the x of 7x on the other problem and solve. Your final equation should now be 7(2y+14)+2y=2. Now distribute the 7 into (2y+14) to get 14y+98 +2y=2. Next, just add up the variables and solve to get 16y=-96. Divide -96 by 16 to get your final answer ofy=-6.

Write the slope intercept form of the equation 11x-2y=-6


The slope intercept form is
11x-2y=-6 /+2y
11x=2y-6 /+6 both sides
11x+6=2y (changing sides)
2y=11x+6 /:2 divide by 2 both sides
y= - its the result

subtract 11x to both sides
divided -2 to both sides

Solve by substitution?


We have such system

We can take first equation and put value of y in terms of x into second eq, so
4x-9=x-3 now we can solve it
4x-9=x-3 /-x both sides
3x-9=-3 /+9 both sides
3x=6 /:3 divide by 2 both sides
x=2 --- its the result

The sum of two consecutive interegers is -131. Find the larger number.


Ex- 2y=3z solve for x


There is no x in this equation.


No it is a X the X is after the E that doesn´t mean example

Step-by-step explanation:

it is a x

Shoe me the formula to get 63 divided by 0.9


0.9/63=0.0142857 i think it's the correct answer

Katherine is three times older than Joel now. In twenty years Katherine will be six years older than Joel. How old is Katherine now?


She is currently 9 years old.

If Katherine is 9, and Joel is 3, 20 years later they'll be 29 and 23. Katherine is 6 years older than him.

K = 3*j;
k + 20 = 6 + (j + 20) => k = 6 + j; but k =3*j => 3*j = 6 + j => j = 3( Joel has 3 years) and k = 9 (Katherine has 9 years);

To store his art supplies, Kyle buys a cube-shapped box with 8-inches sides. His longest paintbrush is 13.5 inches long. Explain how kyle determined that the 13.5 inch brush could fit in the box. (Show mathematical, explain in words, solve mathematically and draw diagram)


Kyle should calculare diagonal (3D)of that box because its the longest segment in the box.
First we want to find diagonal of the base, so
diagonal of base is from Pythagorean theorem, so

Now we can use again P theorem but with the triangle with sides, diagonal of the base, height it box and 3D diagonal.
So we have

so its more that paintbrush

How do I solve for Y :( ?


Solve 12x = 4(x + 5) Solve 15x - 3(3x + 4) =6
Solve 3x - 5x + 10 = 36
Solve 2(x+3)= x + 10


12x=4(x+5) (multiplying 4 by each argument in the parenhesis)
12x=4x+20 /-4x both sides
8x=20 /:8 divide both sides by 8

15x-3(3x+4)=6 (-3 times each argument in the parenthesis)
6x-12=6 /+12 both sides
6x=18 /:6 divide both sides by 6

-2x+10=36 /-10 both sides
-2x=26 /:(-2) divide both sides by -2

2x+6=x+10 /-x
x+6=10 /-6

Luann read 1/3 of 18 books on her reading list. How many books did Luann read? Find 1/3 of 18 books.


The third sentence of your question pretty much tells you what to do. Finding 1/3 of a number is the same as dividing it by 3. 18 / 3 =6. Luann read 6 of the books on her reading list.

How do you solve 5x+2(2x-23)= -154? could you show step by step if possible


Remember that whatever you do to one side of the equation you must also do to the other. Also, the aim here is to isolate the x in order to find its value.It is also important to note the distributive property of numbers:
a(b + c) = a*b + a*c

5x + 2(2x - 23) = -154 | First, you need to distribute the 2
5x + 2(2x) - 2(23) = -154
5x + 4x - 46 = -154 | Then combine like terms
9x - 46 = -154 |Then, add 46 to both sides
9x - 46 + 46 = -154 + 46
9x = -108 | Now we will divide by 9 on both sides to isolate x
9x /9 = -108 /9
x = -12

Hope this helps! :)

Write and equation ( and maybe solve) please! At the Shine AutoWash, a car wash costs $8.00, and nearby gasoline is selling for $1.369 per litre. Terri has $49.75 to spend, and her car is so dirty she must have it washed. What is the maximum number of litres of gasoline that she can purchase?


49.75 - 8 = 41.75. 41.75 / 1.369 = 30.4967129. Let's round it to 2 decimal points, which is 30.5. The maximum number of litres of gasoline that Terri can purchase is 30.5. If m= money, c= price ofcar wash and g= price of gasoline per litre,the equation is (m - c) / g.

A can of paint covers 0.56m squared. If Martin puts two coats of paint on the cylinder, How many cans of paint does he need?


So we have cylinder with area 1.2*0.5=0.6
We want to cover it 2 times so 0.6*2=1.2
If 0.5 is side of square (rectangle actually) the radius is 0.25. We have to calculate area of base and top too, so

1.2+0.785=1.985 - total area
Now we just have to divide 1.985 by 0.56 to see how many cans he does he need.
1.985:0.56=3.54====> 4 because he cant buy 3.54 of it.
The result is 4.

I don't think there is enough information

What is 24.534 rounded to the nearest hundredth


It's just 24.53 because the hundredth place is the 3, but the value after it is not high enough to round it up. Therefore, the answer is 24.53


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